A new vision without
forgetting our Origin.

Monolito is a young design editor based in Barcelona that offers exclusive bespoke furniture projects, as well as creative solutions for private spaces and naval interior design.

At the same time, we offer a catalog of unique pieces of furniture, where we collaborate in the manufacture with master craftsmen from various disciplines, from different corners of the Iberian Peninsula: carpenters, blacksmiths, glassmakers, marble workers ...

Our personality is based on building a solid style with a contemporary and timeless air. For this we seek to create a synergy between the new and the old, between design and artisan tradition with the intention of preserving and modernizing that high quality ancestral knowledge, encapsulating its value in our pieces, conceived to last for generations.

Creamos un equilibrio y diálogo entre materiales naturales, robustos y duraderos. Mezclando maderas nobles como el roble, cedro, nogal junto a vidrio laminado, templado así como a metales y mármoles de tipo carrara, travertino, marquina… Buscando mantener la esencia y belleza de cada uno de los elementos empleados, de una forma cuidada y cualitativa.


The word Monolito (Monolith in english) is originally from the Latin, monos "one + lithos "stone". Monuments, sculptures of a single piece, small isolated treasures thousands of years old that even today remain intact and pure to the passage of time. It is still a mystery how people with more limited resources were able to imagine and build such unique wonders. Signs that remind us of our origins as a human being, our past and tradition hand in hand with nature.

Which leads us to ask ourselves the following question.

Why have we allowed our roots to be forgotten?

"A new vision without forgetting our Origin"
"People without knowledge of their past, their origin and their culture are like a tree without roots."
Marcus Garvey
"In all things, natural and human origin is the most exalted"
"Originality is the return to the origins"
Antonio Gaudí i Cornet
"Let's not forget that original comes from origin"
Eduardo Chillida
"Painting like the Renaissance painters took me a few years, painting like children took me a lifetime"
Pablo Picasso
"The architect of the future will be based on the imitation of nature, because it is the most rational, durable and economical way of all time"
Antonio Gaudí i Cornet
"Choose only one teacher; nature"
"In nature is the preservation of the world"
Henry David Thoreau
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